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The perfect fit

Many skiers will be familiar with the problem of badly fitting ski boots, often leading to pressure points and blisters.

Our technicians will find a solution in order to make painful feet out on the slopes a thing of the past.

It is not normal to endure pain in the feet while skiing, there is always a solution.

Bootfitting is our speciality

We all have different feet, naturally or by accident and as ski boots are made in identical pairs, according to the criteria of each brand, it's logical to customize them in order to obtain the best comfort. 

Before you try a boot we talk with you about where and how you ski in order to match you with a suitable boot. We make sure you get the right shell stiffness and forward flex. 

Next a detailed analysis of your foot, ankle and calf is made. The feet are also measured for length, width, instep and ankle to determine the shell needed to match your foot.  

We create the perfect boot using different techniques: heating the inner boot or the shell, thermoforming inner soles, adapting the shell, etc. Whatever your problem, our experienced team knows how to find the right solution.

Your ski boots are the most important part of your ski equipment

You transmit power and provide direction to your skis through your boots. The better the boots match the anatomy of your feet, the easier it is to control your skis and the better you will ski. 

More information about a custom skiboot

​​Heating the shell or the liner (inner boot)

Fitting the liner or the shell 


Adding foam to the inner boot


Sidas Custom Technology gives 100% customization of your insoles.

The specialist moulds and then heats a flat insole.

Placed on the footprint, the Custom insole hugs

the shape of the foot completely, providing the best

possible well-being and maximum  shock absorption.

Punching, grinding or stretching of the shell​


An adjustment that is made to bring about a neutral stance that allows you to stand flat on both skis.

The prices
  • Skiboots                                 €280 à €500

  • Analysis                                  €40 (free with purchase of boots)

  • Basic adjustments                    €25 (free with purchase of boots)

  • Personalised insoles                 €97,95

  • Punching and grinding*    from €20

  • Bootboard grinding*                €30


* intensive adjustments (not included in the boot price)

Schedule an appointment

It takes our expert boot fitters about 1½ - 2 hours to make your custom ski boots.  For that reason, we work by appointment only. 

Monday - thursday from 9-20h

Saturday from 9-17h

Call us:  +3253 83 11 91

or mail:

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